Aug 12, 2014

The Fragrant Harbour

Back in June in the midst of community rotation, I was having difficulty occupying my extremely long weekends in a new and relatively small town and very few acquaintances. It was like going into retirement suddenly - a typical workweek is less than 4 days and all of my friends, whom are mostly physicians, too, are busy slaving in the hospital. One weekend I find myself stranded with about 4.5 days off. My brain screaming from boredom and the summer heat, I found myself planning random trips to nearby countries. Thank God SoonKhen is just next door in Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific has last minute tickets for slightly more than USD 200, a call to reservations and I'm scheduled to leave in 2 days.

On Cathay Pacific flight 565 bound for Hong Kong on a cloudless summer afternoon

 Rolls-Royce engines

 Hong Kong airport!

 Central MRT station in red tiles

Overlooking Hong Kong island on the ferry crossing to Kowloon

Every city should have a promenade and a skyline. Sadly Taipei doesn't.

I love MRT station names in Hong Kong and their coloured tiles. Now I understand why Cathay Pacific has a tile wallpaper in their lavatories.

Took the (very crowded) tram up to Victoria peak the next day

Traveling solo means having to depend on fellow travellers to take your picture.

We can easily spot British influence on the Commonwealth - wide, orderly streets, lots of windows, and easy pedestrian walkways

The promenade again in daylight

A fellow Mainlander took this picture for me.