Nov 7, 2007

A Meaningful 1.5 Minutes

How long does it takes to make you cry? You cry for a lot of reasons, and the tears of pride that something or somebody that bears your entity is something rarely encountered by us.
This is an advertisement made by Malaysia Airlines celebrating our country's then-48 years of independence. While the company is to see stormy days ahead, they are then one of the most profitable and successful airlines of South East Asia.
Even though Malaysia Airlines had constantly become a victim of the media for being inefficient, corrupted and discriminative, let's not forget how MAS had sacrificed all the way in the efforts of 'menghubungkan rakyat, mengintegrasikan masyarakat, memajmukkan bangsa dan budaya, mendidikan dan membangunkan sumber tenaga kerja dan mengharumkan nama negara ke 6 benua seluruh dunia.' (connecting Malaysians, integrating the community, diversifying our cultures and identity, educating and developing human resources and (literally) spread our wings to all 6 continents in the world).
Even though Malaysia Airlines is now flying high again under the stewardship of Datuk Idris Jala, let's never ever forget the fact that MAS the wau is never established for profits in the first place. The wau symbolizes controlled flight, and it has flew restlessly these 60 years into the remotest corners of Malaysia supplying valuable resources and propelling tourism there (for a comparison how dreadful things can go wrong, look up for a company called FAX).

Thank you, Malaysia Airlines for 60 years of unparalleled cabin service, genuine smiles every time I come home, and all Malaysians and non-Malaysians you have transported. You are truly Malaysian.


Hew Yaohua said...

this is a most meaningful blog to me, and to be a Malaysian.

Shout loud, Malaysia.

Hew Yaohua said...

hey, i wrote something to sambut bersama-sama with you...

Anonymous said...

a very meaningful blog, Malaysia shall be proud of u as citizen. MAS should listed u as a special guest that always enjoy a special discount whenever u fright back.

Anonymous said...

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