Nov 22, 2007

Irreversible Equations

I have nothing to call on my defense.
Call it temperament, childishness or the weather,
the spotlight fades
and we are to go.

The truth about irreversible equations is that
there must be something highly energetic
triggering its change.
One year and a little extra had proved
you are not capable of
juggling, multitasking.

One principle we held in life
is to maintain friendships worth maintaining.
I do not question
the definition of 'maintenance'
but is rather
appalled by the action of it.
Friends are not books you read,
stow away,
and read when you feel like it,

I do not question
the reversibility of the equation,
just as I am too weak to bark at
unfairness and stupidity nowadays.
One will learn to swallow it
sooner or later.
Forgive my silence
but I think
things will never be the same again.
Winds and tides of change;
may God put you in the palm of his hands,
and me out of impulsiveness.

Thank you...