Nov 13, 2007

How Will You Travel Through Life?

I weave through
every crease and scaffold;
every equation and summation;
theorem and principle,
mastering endless knowledge
that does not necessarily contribute
to a prospering medical career.

Is knowing less of your field
a sin?
How do you define the boundary between 'competent' and 'unrecommended'?
Scrutiny, envy and pride;
this is not a field for nonsenses.
Drawing the boundary,
defining the standards,
granting the qualifications;
Helpless, as it always had been.

An uphill struggle compounded by
an ocean of knowledge
left behind by
wise, bearded men.
Challenging, tiring and demanding,
all your life.
However, when you stamp on uneven grounds
supporting and leading the crowd
and they say 'thanks, doc!'
or a glimpse with a smile;
that is when
the battered tree grows
afresh, afresh, afresh.

I charge and soar down the runway,
it's too late to hold short now.
Climbing into the clouds,
expecting turbulent storms ahead;
I will travel through life
always lending a hand
and patting shoulders.
Destination: a better place
for everyone.

I hope you'd enjoy the ride.