Nov 18, 2007

Last Thursday

The day was perfect. The sky was electric blue and the clouds like cotton candy floating on a blue Bacardi (ok, that sounds a little too yummy). Aside two hours of biochemistry which I understood nothing, and stared at the teacher yakking away like listening Queen Elizabeth speaking Greek, the weather and mood of last Thursday was just perfect.
Back in my room at 10, I fished out my biochemistry textbook. After 3 sentences, I decided to award myself an off day today. It's just impossible to study under such perfect weather (but with the exams just 4 days off, that decision was much harder to make then). I made myself swear to God I'll make myself happy today, in all means. It's been a long long time since I did something really insane. Insane - something Sim Jun Yi will not do in everyday life, i.e. curled up in a corner reading a novel for the entire afternoon, take a round-the-world plane trip, donate 50 thousand to the Government of Malaysia etc.
As I'm out of good reading material, I skimmed through my roommate's bookshelves. I've been eying his copy of 'The Shadow of the Wind' long enough to judge it is a good book. Flipping the pages, I felt like going back to Form 4 when I first started reading 'The Da Vinci's Code', except that 'Shadow of the Wind' is less engaging and I still remembered to have lunch and went to class at 1.30 later.
At 3.30 we had German. The teacher's a little late so I went strolling about around the block.
It so happened that I have my camera lying in my bag when I saw this beautiful image. The sunlight penetrated through the clouds (which became storm clouds in an hour's time) and shining straight on the field. Light in crystalline form. With the warm air around you filled with smells of coffee and waffles (the cafeteria is just several steps away), it's hard not to think of holding someone's hands and strolling along Gurney Drive (though I heard much of the seafront is gone now).
In German class later my German teacher, a tall, little-balding guy in his 30's confessed to me, telling me how he had observed me since the beginning of the school term and how he thinks I'm a nice guy and how he'd like to get to know me better. Of course that's solely for educational purposes - even though confessing and proposing a marriage is not included in the syllabus, the girls usually love these stuff. "Just in case you met Prince Charming who happened to be German one day!" they argued.
I spent the later evening watching 'Pride and Prejudice', learning and faking the Briton-accent Mr. Darcy so intelligently put together, and reading a few more chapters of 'Shadow of the Wind'.
And now, satisfied indulging myself in my Thursday dream, I must, must go back to biochemistry.


sze ping said...

sprechen Sie Deutch? Ich auch! aber nur ein bisschen.

so fun, you get to learn deutch in uni.
still remember me by the way?

JYSim said...

Of course I remembered. Heh.
Currently my Deutsch is limited to 'woher kommst du?' 'ich wohner in Berlin' etc.
Thanks for reading though!

sze ping said...

you're most welcome

spyX said...

Who's Sze Ping? Haha.